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Card dispensers for Hotel Self-Check-in Kiosk

  • Jan 26, 2024
  • Case Show
Card dispensers for Hotel Self-Check-in Kiosk

Everyone knows that first impressions determine most of our perceptions about brands and people - the check-in experience is no different and highly correlated with overall customer satisfaction.

In a hotel, a self-check-in kiosk solution lets a guest check into their room by connecting directly to the hotel's PMS (property management system) via API, creating room keys (key cards), and maybe even booking a restaurant reservation or upgrading to a suite. Hoteliers use self-service kiosks to eliminate the hassle of hotel check-in and reduce reception desk queues.

Our recycle card dispenser SK-AD390 is designed for this solution. It can dispense/write/write hotel key cards to guests automatically. When guests check out of the hotel, they must insert the cards into the KIOSK. Then, the dispenser will collect and tidy the card to wait to be dispensed again.

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