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RFID Unattended Smart Weighing System: Workflow and Its Applications

  • Mar 23, 2024
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RFID Unattended Smart Weighing System: Workflow and Its Applications
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 The RFID unattended smart weighing system is a big step forward in industrial weighing. It provides a smooth, automatic way to measure weight accurately and quickly. This system uses RFID technology, cameras, printers, and advanced software to do the whole weighing process without any manual work.

Workflow Overview

  1. Vehicle Identification with RFID: The process starts when a vehicle with a unique RFID tag approaches the weighbridge. The RFID reader at the weighbridge actively detects and reads the tag data as the car passes through.
  2. Data Verification and Processing: The management software receives the RFID tag data for checking and handling. It checks the tag's authenticity against its database of registered vehicles. If the tag is verified, the system proceeds to weigh the vehicle.
  3. Weighing Process: After verification, the vehicle is directed to stop on the weighbridge. The system quickly and independently records the total weight of the vehicle and its cargo while it's parked. At the same time, a camera takes a photo of the vehicle for further verification and record-keeping.
  4. Weight Calculation and Reporting: Once the vehicle's gross weight is noted, the system calculates the net weight by subtracting the vehicle's empty weight. This calculation is done with high precision and speed, ensuring reliable weight measurements. The system then generates a detailed report that lists the vehicle information, weight details, and transaction times. This report is printed out automatically and given to the driver or staff on duty.

System Layout

Stand Pole

Advanced Features and Applications 

Real-Time Monitoring and Integration The RFID innovative weighing system is advanced. It can monitor data in real time and be accessed remotely. Managers can use it with other business systems to check live data, make reports, and see what's happening at the weighbridge. This makes operations more efficient, reduces mistakes, and helps with making good decisions.


The RFID intelligent weighing system is a complete and efficient way to meet industry weighing needs. It works automatically, measures very carefully, and has excellent features. So, it's a great tool for businesses that want to improve their weighing processes and make things run more smoothly.

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