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Parking System with Syncotek’s Products

  • Jan 11, 2024
  • Case Show
Parking System with Syncotek’s Products

Nowadays, automatic parking is becoming more popular, which can ease and facilitate people’s lives. Here is a brief introduction to 1 type of parking system by deploying some of Syncotek’s products. This type of parking system will support both the collection of parking lot’s random users and pre-paid parking with an IC card or RFID card.

1. SK-AD3 series
It is a card-issuing machine that can not only read/write RFID/IC cards, but it also can dispense/accept cards; meanwhile, cards can be captured and dumped into its error card bin when the user doesn’t take the card, or there is any error during operation.

We will integrate SK-AD3 in a kiosk to issue RFID or IC cards at the entrance.

2. SK-AC2 series
A card acceptor can capture the card from the front side. Moreover, customer can add their RFID module to the above acceptor.

We will integrate SK-AC2 in a metal box to capture the RFID card at the exit.

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