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UHF HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE ON METAL TAG --- It can work stably and reliably on metal surface andoff metal surface,which is widely used indoor and outdoo asset management.

  • Logo can be printed on the surface of painted tag
  • Flexible and convenient installation
  • 100% function tested by Voyantic Tagformace


  • Be of good RF performance, work stably on metal surface
  • 100% memory writing tested
  • Both material and design have been tested for reliability
  • 100% function tested by Voyantic Tagformace
  • Can customize size for customers
  • Flexible and convenient installation
  • Painted ones can be used in outdoor
  • Logo can be printed on the surface of painted tag
  • Can be lasered with barcode and serial number


  • Storage management
  • IT equipment management
  • Metal containers management
  • Metal equipment management
  • Personnel patrol management
  • Fixed asset management


Compliance EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 902-928MHz , 865~868MHz (Can customize frequency)
Memory EPC 128bits User 512bits
Read/write Yes (EPC and User)
Data Storage 20 years
Warranty One year
Material high and low temperature resistance plastic
Dimension 37mm L x 14mm W x 5.9mmH; 46mm L x 13mm W x 5.9mmH
Storage Temperature -45℃~+200℃
Operating Temperature -25℃~+115℃
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Delivery format Single
Installation Method Screw, rivet, glue, or 3M300LSE tape
Weight ~ 6.5g
Package Bubble bag and carton
Color Black
Power Supply Passive
Drop Test 1 meters high, 100 drop test passed
Alcohol test 95% alcohol test passed
Gasoline test Passed
High & low temperature shock test -40℃ ~ +150℃, 7 cycles,total 48 hours
Temperature cycle test -40℃~+150℃, 7 times cycle time testing, 48 hours total
RoHS Compatible
Read distance on metal surface Up to 0-2.5 meters (EIRP=4W)
RF performance consistency test 100% tested by Voyantic Tagformace
Options pre-encoding, Barcode laser, logo
Options pre-encoding, Surface painting

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