Card Device



RFID UHF ANTI-DISMANTLING TAG --- using knife pattern fragile anti-dismantling, can effectively prevent transfer, secondary use.

  • Material: Copperplate paper/PET
  • Working Mode:  read-write
  • Read Distance:  0-8m


  • vehicle management
  • traceability
  • payment management


Physical Parameters
Tag Size 110*45(mm) Customizable
Antenna Size 19*93mm
Packaging Materials
Product Material Copperplate paper/PET
Surface Technology Spray code, can print personalized layouts, and both sides can be printed
Performance Parameter
Working Frequency 860-960MHz
International Standard EPC G2  ISO18000-6C
Integrated IC chip ALIEN H9
Storage Capacity EPC 96bit TID 64bit User 688bit
Working Temperature -25---65℃
Storage Temperature -35—75℃
Working Mode read-write
Data Storage Time >10 years
Erasable Times 100,000
Read Distance 0-8m (The reading distance is related to the working environment and the reader/writer)
Delivery Details
50 sheets per bundle, 200 sheets per box
100% full inspection shipment

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