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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID INTELLIGENT TOOL TROLLEY --- One of the RFID tool management system solutions. With RFID technology, it enables the automated management of the RFID-tagged tools which are stored in the drawers.

  • It can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency
  • Tool lending/returning record
  • Daily/monthly checking


  • Fully Automated Management: Fully automated tool lending and returning record management, has simplified the processes and eliminated mistakes of manual scanning and logging. Quick! Accurate! And the system can create various reports.
  • One-touch Inventory: Finish daily/ monthly checking can be finished within 3 seconds.
  • Data Acquisition and Scientific Analysis: Data logging of tool parameters. Calibration period reminding for specific tools.
  • Security: If the tools are not returned in time, the tool trolley will alert and quickly lock on the relevant person.
  • Lost Tool Searching: When the tool is left on the plane, it can be further searched with the RFID handheld terminal.
  • Convenient and Intelligent: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can be used as a mobile line-side tool cabinet.
  • The inventory efficiency is increased by more than 10 times. Suppose the manual inventory costs 5-10 minutes, then the automated inventory with RFID intelligent tool management system costs only 3-5 seconds.
  • When a tool is lost, it takes 10-20 minutes on average to find it manually. The RFID intelligent tool management system costs only 3-5 minutes by using RFID handheld terminal, increasing the management efficiency by more than five times.


It is mainly used in aviation, electric power, fire protection, machinery, railway and other industries to realize automatic and fast borrowing, returning, positioning, searching and maintenance of tools.


Overall (6 drawers)
Weight About 70KG
Size (height * width * depth) 1300*680*540mm
Enclosure Material Spray-paint Carbon Steel
Drawer (6 drawers)
Single Drawer Size 520*400 (width*depth)
Upper Drawer Spacing Drawer 1-5(inner height): 50mm
Lower Drawer Spacing Drawer 6(inner height): 100mm
Load Bearing Capacity Per Drawer 25KG
Power Source
Current 5A
Voltage 24V
Battery With feedback Capacity 10AH
Power 50W
Operating Environment
Humidity 20%~85%(non-condensation)
Temperature -20℃~60℃
System Android 5.1.1
Industrial Computer RK3288/4 cores Frequency 1.8Ghz
Photoelectric Switch One Group/Imported
Programmable Controller Domestic
Electric Control System With Domestic PLC
Screen 10.1-inch capacitive screen 1280*800 (16:9)
Storage 8G
Communication TCP/IP、WIFI、4G
Shielding Distance 20~30CM
Opening Speed 1 second
Reader Domestic(with imported R2000 chip)
Number of Tag Reading 200+pcs
Reading Efficiency 3~5 seconds
Reading Mode Motionless

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