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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMALL-SIZE CART-TYPE TUNNEL MACHINE --- An industrial-grade RFID acquisition tunnel, which is independently designed and developed by our company.

  • It takes Radio Frequency Identification Technology as the core and combines mechanical design
  • Automated control and other technologies
  • Truly realizing the single pieces automated management


  • High identification efficiency: It only costs 3-5 seconds to read 200+pcs of tags.
  • Professional mechanical design of antenna fully solves the problem of tag miss-reading.
  • Compact electromagnetic shielding and radio frequency optimization can eliminate the harm of RF radiation to the human body, and the tag reading accuracy reaches 100% (Depends on the reading environment and performance of tags);
  • The physical door can be changed to adapt to various scenes.
  • Imported or domestic RFID readers can be chosen to meet the needs of different users. And we support customers to develop secondary software.


  • warehouse management of fashion, cleaning, alcohol
  • electric power industry
  • comparison of SKU tag and box label
  • product inventory, etc.


Main Specifications
Air Interface Protocol EPC Global Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C
RFID Frequency 865~868/902~928MHz (frequency customization optional)
Reader Domestic (Imported R2000 chip)
Reader Output Power 1~30±1dBm
Number of Tag Reading 200+pcs
Reading Efficiency 3~5 Seconds
Reading Mode Motionless
Operating Mode Interval T Cycle / Continuous Operation / External Trigger
Screen 15.6-inch Resistive Touch Screen (Embedded)
Industrial Computer J1900/4GB
Antenna 4 Groups of 8dbi Antennas
Load Capacity 200KG
Opening Speed Manual
Physical Environment
Overall Size (mm) 1150 (length) × 1000 (width) × 1450 (height)
Inner Size (mm) 890 (length) × 800 (width) × 930 (height)
Maximum Passable Size of Box (mm) 850 (length) × 730 (width) × 900 (height)
Total Weight About 200KG
Operating Temperature -20℃– 60℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃
Operating Humidity 20 – 95% (Non-condensing)
Work Voltage 220VAC (±10%) 50±3HZ
Power 150W
Enclosure Material Spray-paint Carbon Steel
Shielding Performance 10~30CM

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