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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMART TOOL CABINET --- One of the RFID tool management solutions. The tool cabinet integrates various intelligent devices such as RFID reader, RFID antenna, Android all-in-one PC, IC card reader, humiture controller, etc.

  • Can help collect the quantity
  • Status of tools in real time
  • Realizing efficient


  • Safety: The tool cabinet can have a humiture controller (optional). If the tool does not reach the standard, the tool will be locked and cannot be taken out from the tool cabinet so that the accident can be avoided from the source.
  • Informatization: The tools will be checked in real-time, and the parameters of each tool will be recorded, making the tool’s life period visible.
  • Automated: Greatly simplifies the processes of scanning, inventory, and logging, enabling fast and batch management.
  • Efficient: Automated+Informatizationreplaces the traditional manual work. The computer realizes automatic data acquisition, which greatly saves labor costs and improves work efficiency.
  • Intelligent: If the tool is not returned in time, the system will automatically alert, create a report and send to the relevant person in charge. And if a tool is lost, it can be manually searched with the help of RFID handheld terminal.
  • Real Time Monitoring:The system realizes the function of remote real-time monitoring, including the inventory status of tools, borrowing/returning time, the date for next checking, etc. And the data can be monitored on the web page in real time.
  • The inventory efficiency has increased by more than 10 times. Suppose that manual inventory costs 5-10 minutes, then the automated inventory with RFID intelligent management system costs only 3-5 seconds.
  • When a tool is lost, it takes 10-20 minutes on average to find it manually. The RFID intelligent tool management system costs only 3-5 minutes by using the RFID handheld terminal, increasing the management efficiency by more than five times.


It is mainly used in aviation, electric power, fire protection, machinery, railway, and other industries, realizing automated and fast borrowing, returning, positioning, searching and maintenance of tools.


Weight About 100kg
Size (height * width * depth) 2000*1100*600(mm)
Enclosure Material Spray-paint Carbon Steel
Number of Shelves 5
Height 380mm(Adjustable)
Depth 550mm
Load Bearing Capacity of Each Shelf 50KG
Power Source
Current 5A
Voltage 220VAC (±10%); 50±3HZ
Power 50W
Operating Environment
Humidity 20%~85% (non-condensation)
Temperature -20℃~60℃
System Android 5.1.1
Industrial Computer RK3288/4 cores Frequency 1.8Ghz
Programmable Controller Domestic
Electric Control System With Domestic PLC
Reader Domestic (With Imported R2000 Chip)
Number of Tag Reading 200+pcs
Reading Efficiency 3~5 seconds
Reading Mode Motionless
Screen 10.1-inch capacitive screen 1280*800 (16:9)
Storage 8G
Communication TCP/IP、WIFI、4G
Shielding Distance 20~50CM
Opening Speed 1 second
Efficiency Manual

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