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UHF Access Gate

UHF ACCESS GATE --- It is a fashion design Wall-mounted UHF RFID gate reader Android OS at option.

  • Two sets of infrared beams
  • 7 inch touchscreen at option
  • Support TCP/IP, DHCP, SSH, FTP, Telnet and UDP protocol


  • High recognition rate: extremely strong multi-tag reading ability, extremely low missed reading rate and misreading rate;
  • Unique antenna design: realizes horizontal narrow beam design, accurate access control coverage area, and no blind spots;
  • Multi-functional alarm: built-in alarm light and buzzer, sensitive alarm, safe and reliable, alarm information;
  • Customizability: Stylish appearance, panel pattern content can be customized;
  • Durability: reading through infrared triggering can greatly extend the service life of the device;
  • Data communication: combined with the background system, can provide a variety of statistical information;



Physical Parameter
Main Material Panel engineering plastic, body material aluminum alloy
Appearance Default color: Off-white + silver gray
Dimension 176mm(L)*57.5mm(W)*1690mm(H)
LED light strip Default red and green colors, red, green and blue colors optional
Reminder Voice speaker
Infrared judgment Two sets of infrared beams
Main Function
Frequency 865-868MHz/920-928MHz(Can be adjusted according to different countries and regions)
RF Output Power 33dBm±1dB(MAX)
Tag cache 20W tags @ 96bit EPC
Operating mode Master-slave mode/stand-alone mode/trigger mode
RSSI strength detection Support
Total power 5W~24W
Screen Capacitive touch 7-inch, vertical screen
OS Android11
CPU RK3568
Storage 4G RAM+16G ROM
Net Protocol TCP/IP, DHCP, SSH, FTP, Telnet and UDP
Device power supply Power adapter: AC input 100~240V/50-60Hz DC--output 12V/5A DC power supply: 12V~24V/5A
Communication protocol RS-232、TCP/IP、WIFI
Interface RJ45, WIFI
Development language C#、JAVA
Environmental parameters
Working Temperature 0℃ - +60℃
Operating Voltage AC220V±10%

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