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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMART FILLING LOCKER --- It applies UHF RFID technology to fully intelligently realize in real-time, efficient and full-process traceability management of archives and documents, and complete intelligent access to archives and documents.

  • UHF RFID technology to fully intelligently realize in real-time
  • Efficient and full-process traceability management of archives and documents
  • Complete intelligent access to archives and documents


  • Multiple login methods: You can choose password, face recognition, card swiping, etc. to authorize login
  • Real-time inventory function: The inventory is fast, and the inventory of the entire locker can be completed within 8 seconds at the fastest. The inventory can prompt information about the wrong locker.
  • Whole-process traceability: one object, one code, realizing full-process visual traceability management of archive documents
  • Interactivity: breathing light reminder, voice broadcast guidance;
  • RF performance: Professional RF shielding, reading rate accuracy reaches 99.99%


Physical Parameters
Locker Dimension 1235mm(W)*450mm(D)*1950mm(H)
Cell Dimension 500mm(W)*420mm(D)*275mm(H)
Weight About 100kg
Cell Number 11 Cells
Suitable Items File boxes, document bags, confidential materials
Performance Parameters
RF Frequency 902MHz~928MHz
RFID Protocol ISO18000-6C
RF Power 0-30dBm(adjustable)
OS Android 7.1
Display 13.3 inch touch screen
Definition 1920*1080p
CPU Rockchip RK3568
Memory RAM 4G+ROM 64G
Login Method Facial, card swipe, password
Inventory Number 1800psc(full locker, document boxes)
Interface RJ45, WiFi or 4G
Power Consumption About 80W
Power Input 180-264VAC , 47-63Hz
Inventory Time <8s
Applications Files, documents management
Emergency Unlocking Support
Environment Parameters
Working Temp. 10°C to 40°C
Store Temp. 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 5%~80%RH, No condensation
Expansion Modules
Binocular Live Face Recognition Included
IC/ID Card Included
Finger Vein Recognition At option
Surveillance Cameras At option

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