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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMART INVENTROY TROLLEY --- an RFID movable inventory device integrated in a trolley. It is easy and flexible to move and can be used for inventory on different shelves in archives, libraries and other places.

  • High recognition rate
  • Good versatility
  • Antenna design: built-in near-field antenna


  • High recognition rate: advanced tag collision processing algorithm, RFID recognition is fast and efficient;
  • Antenna design: built-in near-field antenna, which can well control the tag reading range and prevent misreading;
  • Good versatility: It can provide two sensing modes: desktop RFID and handheld RFID, and can be flexibly applied in different scenarios;
  • Battery life: Using a battery with built-in intelligent charging and discharging module, it has super battery life and can be used forover 48 hours on a single charge.


Physical Parameters
Dimension 530(L)*510(W)*1451(H)mm
Material Sheet metal + acrylic
Weight About 70kg
Casters, Foot Cups Equipped with casters and foot cups
Performance Parameters
Processor Android: Rockchip RK3568 2.0GHz Quad-core Windows: Intel i5 2.4GHz Dual-core
RAM+ROM Android: LPDDR4 4GB + 16GB EMMC NAND Flash RAM can be expanded to 4G, ROM can be expanded to 128G Windows: DDR4 8GB + 128GB SSD RAM can be expanded to 16G, ROM can be expanded to 256G
OS Android 11/Windows 10
Display 21.5 inch(16:9), Max definition: 1920*1080P Projected capacitive touch technology, standard 10-point touch, realizing multi-touch function
Battery Capacity 30Ah
Network Integrated 10/100/1000M adaptive network card, wireless network card 802.11a/b/g/n
Power Input 110-240V AC 50/60Hz
UHF RFID Parameters
Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C
Frequency 902MHz~928MHz(US), 865MHz~868MHz(EU)
RFID Inventory Method Desktop reading, Handheld reading
Handheld Reader RF Power 0-27dbm(adjustable)
Handheld Reader Range 3-50cm
Handheld Reader Trig Method Manual button, Infrared trigger

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