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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMART TOOL CART --- Is an RFID smart tool cart with interactive system that supports Windows/Android OS. It is a product composed of UHF RFID reader and multiple antennas, which can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management.

  • Effectively prevent and reduce the loss of tools
  • Simplify the registration process of tool collection
  • Avoid inventory shortage or management negligence


  • Industrial computer: uses 10.1-inch industrial touch screen and supports Windows/Android.
  • Shielding: fully enclosed cabinet design, effectively shielding external interference;
  • Multiple login methods: Card, facial, password, etc.;
  • Super long battery duration: 38Ah large-capacity battery, supports 8h*2 days of work, and power reminder ;
  • Movable: Each drawer is independently locked, and the unlocking sequencecontrolled by software;
  • Inventory performance: Inventory more than 300 tools4 seconds, with a recognition accuracy of 99.99%;
  • Real-time communication: real-time updates on take-out and return, and automatically update data to the system via WIFI and 4G;
  • Warning reminder: Iftools are not returned in time, the cart will issue a warning and quickly locate the relevant personnel;
  • Structural design: Simple and stylish, with a silent pulley design at the bottom, making it easy and convenient to use.


Mainly used in aviation, power grid, fire department, machinery, railway and other industries to realize automatic and fast tool borrowing, return, positioning, search, maintenance and other functions.


Physical Parameters
Dimension 1250mm(H)*800mm(W)*600mm(D), exclude hanging baskets
Weight About 150kg
Drawer Number 8
Drawer Height 50cm
Drawer Size 619*429mm(W*D)
Maximum Drawer Capacity 180kg
Material Sheet metal
Whole Machine RF Shielding <5cm
Performance Parameters
RF Frequency 902MHz~928MHz
RFID Protocol ISO18000-6C
RF Power 8-33dBm(adjustable)
Interface WiFi, 4G
Power Consumption About 45W
Battery Capacity 38Ah
Battery Duration 8h*2 days(300 times daily inventory)
Power Input 220VAC, 5A
OS Windows, Android at option
Login Method Facial, card swipe, password
Inventory Time <5s
Applications Aviation, railway, power grid, shipbuilding, prison and other industries
Environment Parameters
Working Temp. -20°C to 60°C
Store Temp. -30°C to 70°C
Humidity 5%~95%RH, No condensation
Industrial Computer
CPU Intel I5/ Rockchip RK3568
Display Interface HDMI
Screen Size 10.1 inch
Screen Definition 1280*800
ROM 128G SSD/16G
USB 2 ports
Ethernet 10/100 adaptive
WiFi Support
4G Optional

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