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RFID Intelligent Device

UHF RFID SMART MEDICAL CONSUMABLE CABINET --- It is a self-developed intelligent high-value medical consumables management cabinet. It applies UHF RFID technology to realize intelligent access to one item, one code for medical consumables, fully automatic stocking, and other real-time and efficient full-line process traceability solution.

  • The system can be connected with the SPD system and HIS system to track and manage the entire entry, exit
  • Real-time and efficient full-line process traceability solution
  • This system includes two types cabinets: Master Cabinet and Slave Cabinet


  • Multiple login methods:finger vein, live face recognition, card swiping, etc.
  • Real-time inventory: The inventory is fast, the entire cabinet inventory can take up to 5 seconds at the fastest, and displays wrong cabinet information.
  • Whole-process traceability: One item, one code, realizing full-process visual traceability management of in and out
  • Real-timemonitoring: Configure a 7*24 real-time monitoring system to keep the usage situation under control


  • Hospital consumables central warehouse
  • operating room
  • intervention room
  • laboratory department
  • radioactive intervention room
  • endoscopy room, consulting room
  • clinical medical ward, etc.


Physical Parameters
Dimension 830mm*616.5mm*1957mm
Weight About 100kg
Material Sheet metal + aluminum profile
Internal Laminate Height adjustable
Performance Parameters
Frequency 902MHz~928MHz
RFID Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C
RF Power Max 33dBm, Adjustable(step 1dbm)
OS Android 10
Display 14.1 inch touch screen
Display Definition 1920*1080p
CPU Rockchip RK3568 Quad-core
Memory LPDDR4 4GB + 16GB EMMC NAND Flash
Login Method Finger vein, face recognition, card swiping
Inventory Number <400pcs
Network RJ-45, Wi-Fi
Power Consumption 150W
Power Input 220V AC
Inventory Time <6s
Application Scenarios Consumables central warehouse, operating room, intervention room, laboratory department, radioactive intervention room, etc.
Environment Parameters
Working Temp. 10°C to 40°C
Store Temp. 0°C to 50°C
Environment Humidity 20%~80%RH, No condensation
Expansion Module
Binocular Live Face Recognition Supports face tracking, face detection, face quality detection, living body detection, mask detection, face feature code extraction and comparison
Temp. and Humidity Sensor Accuracy: temp. ±0.3°C (25°C), humidity ±3%RH (25°C) Display: 3.5-inch TFT color display
Finger Vein Recognition Comparison mode: front-end comparison Recognition speed: <1 second False recognition rate (FAR): 0.0001% True rejection rate (FRR): 0.01%
HD Surveillance Camera Resolution: 1080P Lens focal length: 2.8mm Power supply method: PoE

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