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UHF Integrated Reader

Discover the UHF INTEGRATED READER with LED stripe light for seamless and efficient reading experiences. Ideal for various applications.

  • Based on UHF chip development
  • Nearly 10 years of R&D and production iterations
  • Provide multi-OS,multi-language,multi-protocol


  • Full series of products developed with independent intellectual property rights.
  • Full series of modules based on UHF chip development, with the ability to provide personalized product support.
  • The whole series of products are modularized to meet the combination of product functions required by the project, while reducing product cost and production efficiency.
  • The whole series of products are supported by the same SDK regardless of product solution and product form, simplifying the development of multi-product applications for customer projects.
  • Modules and core control boards have rock-solid stability based on nearly 10 years of R&D and production iterations.
  • UHF reading TID/EPC various operation combinations, provide data format personalization.
  • Desktop card issuer supports keyboard mode, seamless switching in the industrial field.
  • Most products support PoE power supply and network communication, simplifying wiring connection.
  • With European CE / U.S. FCC / Korea KC / Canada ID and other multi-regional product certification.
  • Provide multi-OS, such as Windows, Android, Linux, server, Raspberry Pi, cloud.
  • Provide multi-language, such as C++, C#, PYTHON, JAVA etc.
  • Provide multi-protocol, such as SysIoT standard protocol, TCP, HTTP, UDP, Wiegand (26/27/32/34),
  • Provide OS, language, protocol custom development and OEM&ODM services.

Antenna Dimension

Antenna Specification

Electrical Specifications Mechanical Specifications
Freq Range 902-928MHz Dimension 290*290*882mm
Gain 9dBi Weight 2.2kg
Polarization Circular Reflector material Aluminum
Beam width (H/V) Hor:60±2°/ Ver:60±2° Radome material ASA (Ensure no discoloration for 1 year)
VSWR ≤1.5 Radome Color Black/White
Impedance 50Ω IP Class IP65
F/B Ratio ≥25 Operating Temperature -20~60℃
Max. Power(W) 50 Storage Temperature -40~85℃
Lightning Protection DC Ground Holding rod diameter φ40-50mm


Parameter Model
SR-RU12G09B03 SR-RU16G09B03 SR-RU17G09B03 SR-RU12G09B03L
RF Antenna Frequency 865~940MHz
RF Frequency 865~868MHz / 902~928MHz(Can be customized)
Protocol  ISO 18000-6C  ISO 18000-6C/6B  ISO 18000-6C/6B  ISO 18000-6C
FHSS or Fix Frequency Support Support Support Support
RF Out Power 30dBm 33dBm 33dBm 30dBm
Step power 1dBm 1dBm 1dBm 1dBm
RSSI Support Support Support Support
Reading distance ≥15m ≥20m ≥35m ≥15m
Under 9dBi circularly polarized antenna, full power setting, standard E41 test card
Reading speed ≥30/S ≥500/S ≥1000/S ≥30/S
Reader Interface Standard: USB, RS232, RS485/Weigand, RJ45(TCP/IP, UDP At option: WiFi、Bluetooth、4G DTU
Baud rate 115200bps 38400/59600/115200bps 115200bps
Read value TID+EPC/USER
Mode Command, polling or trigger
Operating Voltage DC 12.0V (+9~24V)
Operating Current ≤600mA / DC12V ≤800mA / DC12V ≤900mA / DC12V ≤600mA / DC12V
Standby Current ≤100mA / DC12V ≤200mA / DC12V ≤260mA / DC12V ≤60mA / DC12V
PoE Support Support Support Support
Operating Temperature -20~55℃
Storage Temperature -40~85℃
Operating Humidity <95%RH (+25℃)
Performance Common High performance Best (Impinj E710) Cost
Support SDK Support Support Support Support
IAP firmware Update Support Support Support Support
Custom Development Support Support Support No

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