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UHF Module

RFID MODULE --- low power consumption, small size, stable performance, and strong anti-interference. It can be directly embedded in label printers, RFID handheld terminals, tablet PDAs, and fixed or mobile reader terminals.

  • RF output power up to 33dbm and reading distance up to 15m
  • Fast reading speed up to 300 tags/second
  • Free demo software and SDK


  • Low power consumption design: In terms of system design and underlying application, the structure and coding of the module have been optimized.
  • Small appearance design: compact circuit design, maximizing the size of the compression module.
  • Long reading distance: It supports up to 33dBm RF output, and the reading distance can be read at 15m.
  • Easy and fast integration: The RFID radio frequency part is highly integrated and packaged, providing a convenient FPC interface and secondary software development kit.
  • High quality and low cost: I strive to achieve the lowest cost in the industry while ensuring product quality.
  • Sensitive reading performance: optimized circuit design and anti-collision mechanism, the sensitivity is better than -80dBm.
  • Support multiple air interface protocols, intensive reading, and tag data filtering.
  • Forward modulation: PR-ASK, DSB-ASK; decoding: FM0, Miller 2/4/8; baseband rate: 40k, 160k, 320k, 400k.
  • Support tag data filtering; support anti-collision protocol; support multi-tag identification.
  • Card reading rate: >300 times/second (single label); Multi-tag processing capacity: 600 sheets/3 seconds (multi-label)
  • Continuous tag reading distance (reading EPC code): 0-15 meters. The success rate of reading 100 times a row is greater than 95% (no interference environment).                             **Test conditions: 8dBi linearly polarized antenna, RF connection cable insertion loss less than 1dB, standard label (sensitivity better than -18dBm)
  • Continuous label writing distance (writing EPC code): 0-8 meters, and the success rate of writing 100 times continuously is greater than 90%.                                                                         **Test conditions: 8dBi linearly polarized antenna, RF connection cable insertion loss less than 1dB, standard label (sensitivity better than -18dBm)


Physical Dimension 56.0 x 35.6 x3.8mm
Main Functions Protocol ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2, ISO 18000-6B, GB/T 29768-2013(Optional)
Features Support dense reading and writing, multi-tag recognition, tag data filtering, support RSSI: can sense signal strength.
Performance Parameters Operating frequency ETSI 865~868MHz, GB 840~845MHz,920~925MHz, FCC 902~928MHz
RF Output power (port) 33dBm±1dB(MMCX)
Output power adjustment 1dB Stepping
Forward modulation mode DSB-ASK, PR-ASK
Tag recognition speed >400 times/second
Interface Interface TTL UART(FPC 30pin)
Power Operating Voltage DC 3.5-17V
Environmental Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Working humidity 10%~95%RH Non-condensing
Product Dimensions             FPC interface definition
PIN Definition Description
1 VDD Power positive input (DC3.5-5V)
2 VDD Power positive input (DC3.5-5V)
3 GND power ground
4 GND power ground
5 EN Power enable (active high, enabled by default)
6 GPIO1 Module Input/Output 1
7 GPIO2 Module I/O 2
8 GPIO3 Module I/O 3
11 RST Chip reset (active low)
12 GPIO4 Module I/O 4

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