Card Device


Motorized Card Reader

MOTORIZED CARD READER WRITER --- It supports RF/IC card R/W and magnetic card R, which is a product created from many years of technology and experience accumulation and the market demand.

  • EMV and PBOC certified
  • Protruding bezel: for anti-theft is available
  • Independent sensor design: makes reader maintenance easy


  • EMV and PBOC certified
  • Supports ISO7810/7811 magnetic card reading/writing
  • Supports ISO7816-2 contact IC card reading/writing
  • Supports ISO14443-A Type A/B card reading/writing
  • Jitter card-in function: effectively precludes unauthorized card reading
  • Protruding bezel: for anti-theft is available
  • Independent sensor design: makes reader maintenance easy
  • Dustproof sensor lens: prevents sensor from dust and/or the other foreign materials
  • Mechanical shutter for protection against dust and/or the other foreign materials in the bezel position: enhances the reliability of the card reader
  • Four-set driving wheels: ensure the card transmission stability and liability and prevent card jam or block
  • One group of driving wheels in front of mag-head: enables automatic re-reading, which increases success rate of card reading
  • Card detecting function: automatically handles abnormal cards (broken card, incomplete card, etc.) and is able to eject card in case of power failure
  • Self-balancing mag-head reading function: provides stable reading and easy maintenance
  • High-performance plastic materials: ensure reading precision and product consistency


  • Information kiosk
  • Payment kiosk
  • Access control terminal
  • Parking kiosk


Physical Characteristics In conformity with ISO 7810 /7811
Card Size In conformity with ISO 7810ID-1
Embossing Card In conformity with ISO 7811-1 /-3
Recording Format In conformity with ISO 7811-2 /-4 /-5 /-6
Recording Capacity Track 1 (IATA) Max. of 79 characters (6 bits + 1 parity)
Track 2 (ABA) Max. of 40 characters (4 bits + 1 parity)
Track 3 (MINTS) Max. of 107 characters (4 bits + 1 parity)
Recording Method Dual-frequency phase-coherent method
Height of Warped Card ≤ 2mm
Magnetic coercively 24k~320k A/m (300~4000 Oe)+/-10%
Card Supported 86L x 55W mm (0.76mm standard card)
Anti-theft Function By protruding bezel and jitter card-in pattern.
Communication Method RS232 /USB (optional)
Operating Conditions Power Supply DC 24V±10%, 2A
Quiescent Current 260mA
Default Baud Rate adaptive
Service Life Magnetic Head 800,000 passes min.
IC Contact 500,000 passes min.
Operation /Storage Environment Operation Temperature / Humidity 0°C to 50°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation
Storage Temperature / Humidity -10°C to 60°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation
C/R Net Weight Approx. 1100g/pcs
Package Dimension 540L x 315W x 275H mm(8 pcs/box)

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