Card Device


Card Dispenser

Turntable card dispenser series is built for instant card issuance versatile equipped with on-site card printing/embossing and other self service modules. With easy integration, clients can easily build their own instant card issuance kiosks and deploy the instant card solutions easily.

  • Fully automation, modular design, high scalability and easy maintenance;
  • Up to 3 card feeders and 6 card hoppers for multi-types of printed or blank cards(up to total 2000+ pcs);
  • All in one functions of color printing, embossing/indenting, tipping, scanning, indexed storage and recycling.


  • Rotary storage with small space, large capacity, and fast speed;
  • Able to accurately locate cards at any position and send them out accurately;
  •  Capable of batch card storage or clearing;
  •  The sensor has a wide coverage and can detect whether there is a card in the card slot and the position of the card;
  • According to the different types of cards, they can be placed in the corresponding slot positions in a regular manner and accurately sent out;
  • Support online upgrade programs.


  • Multimedia kiosk
  • Access control system
  • Vending machine
  • Gaming machine
  • Refueling terminal


Card  Type Credit cards, ID cards of banks, finance, and governments etc.(or customized card)
 Size Length:85.47-85.90mm Width:53.92-54.18mm Thickness: 0.76 mm-1.1mm
Unordered-card dispense Supports to unordered-card dispense, any card in the card feeder be issued accuracy 100%
Continuous card issuance speed 6s/card
Continuous card storage speed 6s/card
Turntable storage capacity 540PCS
Card Hopper Capacity 150PCS
Reject Bin Capacity 100PCS
Electrical Power Supply DC24V ± 5%,5A
Quiescent Current 700mA
Communication Method RS232
System Support Windows 7/8/10/11
Environmental Humidity 0°C to 50°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation
Storage Temperature/ Humidity -10°C to 60°C, 0 to 90% RH without condensation

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