Card Device


Card Collector

CARD COLLECTOR --- It reserves installation space for antenna board of RF card reader, which is capable of extending RF card reading function.

  • Multiple levels of sensor circuit protection.
  • Supports online upgrade program.
  • Unique dispensing wheel design.


  • Unique dispensing wheel design: effectively prevents from dust accumulation and it’s capable of self-cleaning.
  • Extension-hole positions: are reserved for installation of RF module and scanning module.
  • Wearable and anti-corrosive rubber material and metal support: are adopted, which can effectively prevent RF module from being interfered by metals.
  • Multiple levels of sensor circuit protection: prevents optical interference.
  • Supports online upgrade program.


  • parking lot systems
  • sight spots


Electrical Power Supply DC24V ±   5%,< 1.5A
Quiescent   Current 100mA
Communication   Method RS232/TTL   (optional)
Structure Service Life ≥ 1,000,000   passes
Net Weight Approx.600g   (excluding accessories and package)
C/D   Dimension 126.7L x 93.8W x   82.3H mm
Environmental Humidity -10°C to 70°C, 0   to 90% RH without condensation
Storage Temperature/ Humidity -25°C to 80°C, 0   to 90% RH without condensation
Performance Cards Supported 86L x 55W   mm(0.2~1.2mm thickness)

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