Card Device


Manual Card Reader

MANUAL INSERTION CARD READER --- It is a manual insertion card reader with controlled card latch.

  • Read ISO standard magnetic stripe cards
  • read / write RFID cards and IC card
  • RS232/USB interface


  • Read ISO standard magnetic stripe cards, read / write RFID cards and IC card
  • Electric card latch and release function. Card could be retrieved once latched if you pull by over 15 N of pulling force
  • RS232/USB interface (automatically detect interface)
  • Agile magnetic stripe reading type: Read when insert/withdraw and uploaded passively /actively
  • Long Life time (500,000 times)


  • Multimedia kiosk
  • Access control system
  • Vending machine
  • Gaming machine
  • Refueling terminal


Power voltage DC 5V±5% or USB
Power current <200 mA
Communication Interface RS232 or USB (Automatically detect)
Reliability A.Vibration: No negative effort on all functions under normal condition after exposed15min.each on X, Y and Z directions of 2mm amplitude, from 5 to 50Hz/min vibrate and acceleration is 2m/S²(0.2G).
B. Shock: No negative effort on all functions under normal condition after shock one time on X, Y and Z directions of 294M/S², 11ms peak acceleration shock.
Abnormal card Allowance of card warp: 2mm max
Magnetic card standard Physical characteristics: ISO7810 and 7811 standard compliant Card dimensions: SO ISO7810ID-1- type card compliant Embossing: ISO7811-1, ISO7811-3 compliant Recording format: ISO7811-2, ISO7811-4, ISO7811-5, ISO7811-6 complaints
RFID card standard ISO14443-3 compliant (TYPE A:e.g. S50,S70,UL etc ) ISO14443-4 compliant(TYPE A CPU, TYPE B CPU e.g. Mifare plus, Mifare DesFire etc)
IC card standard ISO7816 standard certified, EMV2000 Level1, PBOC3.0 (WITH CERTIFICATE)e.g.(AT24C01, 24C02, 24C256, SLE4442, SLE4428, CPU T=0/T=1)
Life time Magnetic head 1,000,000 times Min IC card contact carrier and contact: 300,000 times Min Latch Mechanism: 500,000 times Min
Environment Operation: 0℃-50℃, 0~90% RH ( non-condensing ) Storage: -25℃~80℃ 0~95% RH ( non-condensing ,dried before usage ) Normal environment:15~25℃,35~60%RH
Dimension Refer to dimension drawing
Net Weight Approx. 240g (Excluding accessory and package)

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