Card Device



MAGNETIC CARD EADER/WRITER --- It is a reader/writer equipment integrating the functions of reading and writing mag card, IC card, SAM card. Integrated magnetic card, bank book, IC card, SAM card reading and writing.

  • reading and writing mag card, IC card, SAM card
  • Manual Swipe to read and/or write cards
  • Writing and verifying data on single, dual, or triple track in one swipe


  • Magnetic Card: Magnetic card manually feeding Specially designed for financial system which can code and read information in magnetic stripe that bankbook magnetic card and operator card use. Read and write IBM/ISO/ANSI/DIN standard magnetic card and bank book.
  • IC Card: IC card adapts descent structure and single read and write path and order set Read and write CPU/Memory/logical encrypting card.


  • Retail: Gift Card, Customer ID, Store ID
  • Government: Driver Licence, Health Card, Government ID
  • Any movable data collection Trade shows, Racing events
  • Employee`s Time / Attendance data collection
  • Exhibition visitors` data collection


Power supply DC+24V 2.2A
card feeding speed 10cm/s-120cm/s
Record standard compatible with IBM, ISO, ANSI, DIN
Record density TK3/TK2: 210BPI/107 bit TK2: 75BPI/37 bit TK1: 210BPI/76 bit
Magnet head life >500,000 times
IC card base life >600,000 times
SAM card base life >600,000 times
Communication parameters 1200/2400/4800/9600bps optional
8 data bit/ 1 stop bit/ CRC optional
Environment requirement temperature: 15%-85%
golden card reader/writer W65mm×215mm×H58mm
Magnetic card reader/write W65mm×215mm×H58mm

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