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Kiosk Printer

KIOSK PRINTER --- A 80mm Kiosk Printer,Compatible with EPSON M-T532 mechanism and BA-T500 control board.

  • High speed: 150 mm/sec
  • Various interfaces with Parallel/USB/RS232 Serial/Bluetooth
  • Demo & SDK for Windows ,Linux and Android


  • Compatible with EPSON M-T532 mechanism and BA-T500 control board
  • Auto cutter available
  • High speed: 150 mm/sec
  • Various combination for option(mechanism+board/ mechanism+board+holder)
  • Paper near end, paper end etc. printer status monitoring
  • Various interfaces with Parallel/USB/RS232 Serial/Bluetooth
  • Windows driver for Windows XP/2000/VISTA/7/8/Linux
  • Demo & SDK for Windows Mobile, WINCE, Symbian, Android and IOS
  • Widely used in self-service equipment printing


  • Kiosk & vending machine
  • Queuing machine
  • Promotion coupon printing machine
  • Parking system
  • Gas station filling machine
  • Game machine & vote machine


Item RG-K532
Print Method Thermal line
Dot per Line 432 dots/line,448 dots/line, 576 dots/line, 640 dots/line
Resolution 8 dots/mm
Effective paper width 54 mm/56 mm/72 mm/74 mm
Paper Feed Pitch 0.125 mm
Print Speed 150 mm/sec
Paper Width 58 mm/60 mm/79.5 mm/82.5 mm
Paper Thickness 56 to 150μm
Paper Loading Method Auto paper loading
Font 12× 24 dots, 9× 17 dots
Interface USB+RS232 Serial
Power 24V, 2.5A
Dimension(W×D×H) Printer mechanism:  126.0 x 91.9 x 57.5 mm
Control board:
K532:120.0 x 95 x28 mm
RG-K532A /RG-K532A-H/RG-K532C-H: 73 x62.8 mm
With holder:
RG-K532C-H:203.4(L)*146.20(W)*124(H) mm
Life Span Print head     (150km or more)
Auto-cutter     1,000,000 cuts
Rubber roller   5,000 times (turn on/off)
Operating Environment Operating Temperature: -15°C~ 70°C
Operating Humidity : 10 ~ 80% RH
Storage Temperature: -25° C~ 70° C
Storage Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH
Detection Head Temperature         Via thermistor
Paper out/Mark Detection   Via photo interrupter
Platen release             Via sliding switch
Movable blade            Via photo interrupter

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