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Benefits You Can Get from A RFID Files Tracking System

Benefits You Can Get from A RFID Files Tracking System



RFID File Management is growing in popularity among companies because of RFID's ability to accurately and efficiently track documents in the workplace. By placing RFID labels on files and paperwork and setting up the proper RFID infrastructure, you can successfully locate files within minutes, which saves time & money, reduces stress, and increases professionalism.


#1. Reduce Labor Costs — (Save Money)

An ideal way to make a company more efficient is to ensure that each employee’s time is used in the most productive and profitable way for the company. According to the Cost of Disorganization Survey, an entire week per employee is wasted as a result of looking for misplaced items in the workplace - time that the company is paying for. The cost of wasted time per year can vary from $276 for a minimum wage employee up to thousands of dollars for a senior employee.


A well-documented file management system will save employees’ hours of valuable time, which adds to the company’s bottom line.


#2 Increase Organization — (Reduce Stress)

Although we are well into the 21 century and relying more and more upon electronic databases, old-fashioned paperwork still has a place in the workplace. Whether it’s legal documents requiring signatures, accounting documents kept in the event of an audit, or proofs of original artwork, physical documents and the ?ling of such documents is still prevalent in most (if not all) workplaces. When you are in charge of maintaining files as important as, say, a deed to a house, staying organized is key to ensure no piece of paper is lost.


When companies lose sensitive documents, it may cost that company hundreds of dollars to replace, and that’s if the file is even replaceable. By implementing an RFID system to manage files, companies can effectively track documents and reduce stress caused by searching aimlessly for an important file.


#3 Professionalism — (Keeping Up Appearances)

In legal offices and doctor’s offices, not being able to locate a file with a client in the office can be a serious problem. Recreating a patient’s health records because a doctor does not know the medical history can take up hours of a doctor's or nurse’s time and does not reflect well on the business or practice.

Losing patient and customers due to a misfiling or employee mistake is a reality, especially now in the age where online reviews influence the success of a business. A file management system can not only save time and money, but also a business’s reputation.


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