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Application range of UHF RFID technology in the field of clothing

The following section will introduce you to the application range of UHF RFID in the field of clothing.

1, clothing RFID anti-counterfeiting function

Write a globally unique ID number that is difficult to forge for each label, which is a good solution to the anti-counterfeiting problem of clothing.

2, clothing RFID storage management

UHF RFID readers can accurately read all of their logistics data at one time, greatly improving logistics efficiency.

3, Treasury RFID technology inventory to avoid out of stock break code

Ensure the balance of inventory, and timely replenishment, to avoid the phenomenon of out of stock.

4, Store RFID anti-theft

5. RFID fast inventory

6. RFID fast cash register

With a fixed UHF RFID reader or RFID handheld cash register, Significant savings in checkout time.



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