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​Kiosk self-service terminal - Independent and efficient sales channels

A survey shows that, Kiosk self-service terminals installed capacity in the world is growing at nearly 15 percentannually. As can be seen from the rapid development of installed capacity, Kiosk collection of information consulting, and sales of self-serviceterminals, in a customer-centric and sales-oriented market development era,emphasizing experiential services today, has debut.
Now, global retailers have combined traditional commodity sales and Kiosk self-services. Kiosk self-service equipment has become effective means for retailers improving store image and improving service quality. Survey shows, advertising, general information inquiries, product information inquiries, electronic transactions, ticketing, bill payment, self-checkout and other supermarkets are Kiosk main application direction.


So many personalized applications, let ussee Kiosk will have close contact with our lives. Wincor Nixdorf company combinedthe self-service and the successful experience of the retail sector, introducedfor retail applications self-service machine">Kiosk self-service machine: have an open platform, touch-screen design, multimediacapabilities, flexible network access, standardization of operating systems andinterfaces, as well as outstanding service capabilities. It is particularlyworth mentioning that, due to the modular design and stand-alone configuration,it is more suitable for a variety of flexible and personalized applications: Inaddition to traditional information retrieval outside, Kiosk also offers billpayment, prepaid phone cards, buy tickets and tickets achieve distributecoupons, photo printing and other services, while still achieving theadvertising and broadcast information, increasing scanner or voicecapabilities. Let us look at Kiosk equipment in the global market practical case:
KioskProduct used in Germany
Kaufhof department store in Germany, Kioskproduct is applied as the main channel for consumer feedback. Members of thedepartment store can self-check points, and according to the points made inexchange for a gift registry from the Kiosk membership card reader whichbe placed in the store; shops also offer merchandise display query andcommodity information services to consumers through Kiosk, this service can notonly to help consumers quickly find merchandise, but also allow consumers tobuy the shopping process plainly. To department stores, offer so convenientservices and consumer experience will undoubtedly improve customer loyalty.
KioskProduct used in Netherlands
In the Netherlands, Albert Heijnsupermarket stores, the Kiosk is configured as a self-checkout payment terminal.After shopping, consumers can self-checkout, and experience a new checkout waywhich the use of non-cash payment. For retailers, in enhancing the customerexperience, increase customer loyalty, but also can optimize the checkout andpayment process, and more important to reduce retail operating costs.
Kiosk is into all aspects of our lives, inthe retail, finance, aviation, postal services, hotels, hospitals, trafficmanagement, and so the case with our lives, we will see more and more of Kioskfigure, it not only represents a new consumer experience, but also representthe use of self-service terminals support the new sales strategy profitablesales model. Kiosk era has arrived. 

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