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SYNCOTEK RFID Vehicle Management Solution

pplication description:  

RFID vehicle management is based on the long distance recognition ability of RFID radio frequency identification technology,equip the RFID IC card on the vehicle,install the long reading distance RFID reader at the entrance & exit port(or vehicle weighing),when the cards equipped with IC card arrive at the entrance,Long reading distance RFID reader read the IC card,transfer the datas tp the controller or background database,controller or background database will perform the next action according to the preset conditions,release or record vehicle information.

This solution can be applied in Parking lost charging system,Vehicle weighing management,can also be used in publc transport,fleet and other transport vehicles,such as Scheduling management and High-speed charging,and Effectively solve the problem faced of the vehicle identification and management issues. 


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*Self-intellectual property

*Support ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) protocol tag

*840~868MHz/902~928MHz frequency band (frequency customization optional)

*FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission

*RF output power up to 30dbm (adjustable)

*10dbi antenna optional with effect distance up to 10m (adjustable)

*Support command,polling and trigger mode

*Low power dissipation with single +12 DC power supply

*Support RS232, RS485, RJ45, Wiegand interface

*Support EPC, TID and USER inventory 


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