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How RFID work in Clothing stores?

With RFID management system, clothes stores can do real-time query inventory for and are able to track the circle of every piece of merchandise, such as storage, sales, returns, inventory and invoicing. Combining the advantages of RFID reader schematic applications, such as RFID tags and readers Syncotek  SR-HU-601Q , store inventory can be completed within ten seconds, which istotally different from the traditional manual inventory .The UHF desktop readersbind goods with EPC tag. Stores can quickly check storage and sales information.Compared with the traditional bar code, which only can do a single pieces canning. With RFID monitoring system, clothes sales can be able to complete the sales process in just a few seconds, so that shops benefit from increasing its turnover. This RFID information system also provides inspection reports and real-time platform, through which stores can know the current stock, turnover, aswell as hot and cold pins commodity status. So that clothes managers can adjust the marketing strategy as soon as possible, according to those data.

latest RFID technology Readers work in Clothing stores

1 . RFID tracking system Overview

This integrated system is speciallydeveloped for clothing stores, inventory management and sales.
With this set of systems, clothing storescan do real-time query inventory, and track every piece of merchandise, such asgoods entry, stock and sales in all aspects. Combining the advantages of RFIDtechnology and applications, stores can complete inventory within ten second.

How RFID readers work clothing industry?

By binding of goods and EPC tag, The RFID UHF readers ,such as wireless rfidhandheld reader SYNCOTEK RFIDSR-HU-601 seriescan help stores quickly identifystorage and sales, which is different from the traditional bar code, becauseold barcode can only work on a single piece scanning. With the use of this radiofrequency identification tag, salesman is able to complete the sales process injust a few seconds, which turns out to increase turnover. Besides, thiswireless high capacity of 32GB Bluetooth reader also provides inspection reports,real-time platform, letting people understand the current stock, daily turnover, as well as hot and cold pins commodity status . So that managers can adjustthe marketing strategy as soon as possible to improve turnover.

2.RFID system design Description

  • Storage management: Users just need to scanthe bar code after goods are labeling, which would form EPC tags .After theHF UHF reader writes,the system will transmit data to management software. This is a process to completegoods storage.

  • Stock removal management: Users first scanbarcode, and then empty data after tag are unlocked. The RFID tags and readerswill alarm when they are locked.

  • Stockinventory management: Operators can scan goods, thedata would automatically enter management software for comparison. Comparisonis synchronously completed with scanning. Users can view inventory informationas soon as scanning is completed.

  • Anti-theftmanagement: When clothes are attached with RFIDtechnology EAS, we will know at a glance what clothes or how much clothes arestolen via EAS. The use of RFID tagging technology EAS , store managers canbetter solve the problem of theft on shops.

  • Automatic Analysis: this UHF RFID readerchip can record the characteristics of each piece of clothing, so as to ensurebalanced inventory and timely replenishment, especially the normal needs of customers.

  • Quick Find: users can quickly find thegoods with non-contact, deliver goods to customer in a timely manner, avoidingthe artificial "out" and sales lost opportunities, thereby increasingsales.

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