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Moving Violations

Computers aid compliance with ticketing and traffic stop data collection requirements.

Mobile computers and printers help error-proof the citation issuance process by automating many routine tasks, which helps officers keep their attention on the offender, not on paperwork.

Rugged and reliable SYNCOTEK mobile printers complement citation systems by conveniently printing accurate, legible, enforceable tickets.

SYNCOTEK mobile printers are lightweight, easy to carry and use, and support multiple, wireless and physical interfaces for convenient connection to handheld, vehicle-mounted, and desktop computers.

SYNCOTEK mobile printers can go wherever officers are on the move to make moving violation issuance more safe, accurate, and efficient.

Optional integrated card readers can capture information from drivers' licenses to save time and reduce the errors in handwritten tickets.

SYNCOTEK mobile printers support SDK include Windows CE, Symbian OS and Windows mobile 5.0/6.0.

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