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Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets

Collect more ticket revenue with electronic issuance and printing systems.

An estimated 20 percent of all parking citations are thrown out of court because of illegible or incorrect information. You can eliminate erroneous, illegible, and unenforceable parking tickets with electronic issuance and printing systems.

When used with mobile ticketing software applications, SYNCOTEK mobile printers create accurate, legible tickets that help increase collections and save time on the street and in the office.

Electronic ticketing and mobile printing systems deliver accuracy and convenience wherever ticketing operations take them. The quality and convenience are tough to beat, and so are tickets produced on SYNCOTEK mobile printers.

SPRT mobile printers are light and durable enough for use by foot, bicycle, and motorcycle patrols, and can be mounted in vehicles.

They perform in harsh weather conditions and pack enough battery performance to last through a long shift.

Parking controls officers can take SYNCOTEK mobile printers anywhere to create legible, durable citations. You can even accept payment on the spot, using an integrated card reader option.

SPRT mobile printers support SDK include Windows CE, Symbian OS and Windows mobile 5.0/6.0

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