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Established in 2004,SHENZHEN SYNCO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.is a professional Hardware Solution Provider (HSP) of card readers and special printers, such as magnetic card readers, smart card readers, RFID card readers, mobile receipt printers, POS receipt printers, embedded receipt printers and printer units and so on.


UHF Fixed Reader

UHF RFID Fixed Reader - Wholesale Bluetooch Fixed RFID Reader from Manufacturer | Syncotek.com

Syncotek is China RFID Manufacturer, wholesale fixed UHF RFID reader with 800 tags buffer & WiFi, Long Distance HF Tag Reader SMA RF Modules from here now!

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UHF Integrated Reader

UHF Integrated RFID Reader - Long Rang RFID Reader from Manufacturer | Syncotek.com

Wholesale UHF integrated RFID reader from manufacturer Syncotek.com. Find long rang rfid reader including 10dbi 14m long distance card reader Syncotek SR-RU101R, long range rfid scanner, etc.

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UHF Module

UHF RFID Reader Module - Wholesale Embedded RFID Reader Writer Module | Syncotek.com
Wholesale RFID reader module from RFID manfacturers Syncotek.com, find UHF RFID reader writer module, RS232 Reader Module here.

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RFID Card Reader

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What Are Benefits By Using RFID for Attendance?

What Are Benefits By Using RFID for Attendance?

Introduction: What is RFID attendee tracking?RFID attendee tracking systems use the benefits of RFID technology to gather business intelligence at events like trade shows, conferences, corporate funct

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What Are Benefits By Tracking Laundry With RFID?

What Are Benefits By Tracking Laundry With RFID?

ntroductionDue to the longevity and durability of RFID laundry tags, the tagging option has become increasingly popular in industries requiring consistent wash and wear of garments. Today, there are a

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